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Please review the client stories based on real client and real business development projects.  The IPMG has worked on (and continue to do so), but without disclosing specific client names and confidentiality.  The IPMG take good care of clients by protecting their interests.

Software Innovation

A small business spanning technical software development and cyber security created a vulnerability assessment tool for a highly niche area of the broad and sprawling ‘cyber’ sector. The first customers were on board. The feedback was very positive. The team wanted more clients and knew who they were.  The IPMG came on board to work with the team to identify those clients and to position the solution to them.

We didn’t advise on what the company could do; we got on and did it. We developed the business by setting processes and partnerships in place to sell overseas. We can do this with most businesses where there’s a product/solution/service that has the potential to be sold overseas. It’s a big world out there and we just helped to make it a little bit smaller, a little bit more manageable to focus on areas where we could capture sales.


The IPMG facilitated the start of an international reseller/partner network to leverage their existing clients and create more license-based sales into these territories. Additional software sales were made, and most of them were annual renewals creating a long-term revenue stream for the business.


We started working with a really small AI technology startup with grand ambitions. These guys were going to be the next big thing in digital technology.  All new businesses cost money, and the company were ‘bootstrapping’ their development and prototyping.  The IPMG was called in to take the concept to the marketplace, gather feedback, locate and engage with partners, investors, end-users and to prove the concept.  The business then changed focus to include commercial and automotive industries, and now it is truly flying. The passion is still high and the investment is looming closer.

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